Tagline is a London based barbershop quartet with an international reputation for smooth harmonies, exciting performances and nice suits. Their repertoire includes a wide range of musical styles, from swing and jazz classics to musical theatre ballads and pop hits.


Tagline have been singing together since 2012 when they met at the University of Manchester. Since then, they have had numerous successes in national and international competitions, and are now the youngest quartet to have won the British Quartet Championships, and the only male British quartet to have placed in the top 5 in an international competition.


Tagline have also done various recordings for commercials for high profile companies, and in 2016 they recorded an album, Let’s Start Tomorrow Tonight, which can be streamed on all major platforms.


Notable performances:

  • Britain's Got More Talent! (ITV2)

  • Don't Hate the Playaz (ITV2)

  • Silverstone Grand Prix (Entertainment Lounge)

  • British Airways (Commercial)

  • MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas (Competition)

  • Schermerhorn Concert Hall, Nashville (Competition)



// tenor


Joe is the newest member of the quartet, having joined in 2017. Joe's gifts to the quartet include high notes, smiling, and significantly lowering the average height.


// baritone


Chris is the musical brains of the group, and has arranged several of our songs. He also has an excellent memory for jokes, which keeps him entertained, at least.


// lead


James is trusted with the most important part of any song, the tune. His sweet melodies and captivating performances always keep audiences coming back for more.


// bass


Rob sings low notes the rest of the quartet could only dream of singing, and in a lot of our songs takes on the job of being the whole rhythm section.


  • 1st Place, British Association of Barbershop Singers National Championships 2015

  • 2nd Place, Barbershop Harmony Society International Youth Quartet Championships 2018